Striped flint, the second gemstone associated with Poland, after amber, will once again feature at Gold Silver Time at the 3rd Striped Flint—Stone of Optimism Polish Original Jewellery Award exhibition.

The competition has been held since 2011 as a biennial event and is one of the many initiatives that are part of the Striped Flint—Stone of Optimism promotional programme. The slogan quickly caught on, coined over 40 years ago by jeweller Cezary Łutowicz, who wanted to show the world the newly discovered beauty of striped flint, a gemstone that had served humans in making tools and weapons as early as in the Neolithic Age, and also commanded respect as an instrument to make fire.

Today, striped flint also serves those who are more and more eager to surround themselves with objets d’art and jewellery decorated with it, with a growing awareness of just how special it is. There was good reason for striped flint to become the official gemstone of Poland’s EU Presidency, while the city of Sandomierz, where the stone is found, became the World Capital of Striped Flint.

This year’s presentation, which follows the Forty – 40 Years of Striped Flint in Jewellery collective exhibition of 2012 and the Striped photographic exhibition of 2015, will be the third encounter with this very special stone at Gold Silver Time in Warsaw. It will feature award-winning pieces from last year’s 3rd Striped Flint—Stone of Optimism Polish Original Jewellery Competition. The winners include art school teachers, graduates and students who, with their professional creativity and technique, know how to bring out the unique quality of the material and dress it up in an attractive, often unexpected form.