The PRESENTATIONS Art Jewellery Competition has accompanied Gold Silver Time since 2001. It has become an important art event in the jewellery world and a fixture in the calendar of exhibitions and competitions in Poland. Every year, its awards are presented on the second day of Gold Silver Time.

The name PRESENTATIONS has a long history to it. The idea to organise an exhibition which would gather the latest from Polish artists came up over 25 years ago. In December 1983, Marek Nowaczyk and Jan Bocheński, who was the Director of the Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions in Legnica at the time, organised the PRESENTATIONS exhibition at Legnica’s Czarna Galeria. The name PRESENTATIONS appeared for a second time at the Nowy Świat Gallery in Warsaw in May 1993. Again the project was initiated by Marek Nowaczyk, by then the Head of the STFZ Goldsmithing Artists’ Association Programme Council. RESENTATIONS was to become an annual series of meetings at successive Polish galleries. However, the project was not continued.

In 2001, events picked up speed. The Gold Silver Time organisers proposed that Andrzej Bielak, President of the STFZ, join them in developing a new competition that would become a permanent fixture on GST’s agenda. The STFZ brought back the PRESENTATIONS name and suggested it as the title for the new competition. The GST organisers (MCT and the PSP Visual Arts Studio) sponsored the two first prizes with a total purse of 10,000 PLN, while the STFZ took care of the event’s content and organisation.

Initially, over the first four years, the competition’s formula remained unchanged: it had no topic and the entries had to be made using goldsmith/silversmith techniques. The idea to introduce a subject appeared with the fifth PRESENTATIONS and returned for good with the twelfth edition. In 2012, the requirement to use goldsmith techniques was removed from the regulations, which made the competition more popular with the contestants. Since 2005, PRESENTATIONS has had a companion catalogue with all the qualified pieces.

Gold Silver Time holds the preview of the PRESENTATIONS post-competition exhibition, which then tours art galleries in Poland and abroad over the following year.