The winning streak on the Polish jewellery market has continued through the first half of this year; jewellery store owners have lots of reasons to be satisfied in economic terms. This is a very good signal for the coming Gold Silver Time exhibition.

2015 has shown further good sales dynamics, mainly owing to the good feeling among consumers and to a noticeable change in their attitude towards jewellery: there has been a recent fashion for jewellery that has become an intrinsic part of the apparel.  This is helped by the broad range of jewellery available: from the simplest coloured gemstone bracelets, through designer jewellery, to high end products made of gold and decorated with precious stones.

Jewellers are especially happy about the rising sales in the latter sector. The growing interest in classic jewellery reflects not only the growing affluence of Polish consumers, but also an appreciation for the artistry of professional jewellers after years of mediocrity prevailing. “As recently as 2 years ago people would buy rings with the narrowest band and the smallest diamond. Today, more and more people ask about high end jewellery products. Customers appreciate quality and value, price is no longer the most important reason for purchase. This is great news for us,” says Zbigniew Górecki, President of the Górecki Jewellery Company of Dębica.

The improvement in the jewellery market goes hand in hand with other optimistic indicators, such as employment growth, falling inflation and a revival in the real estate market. All this favourably impacts the growth of optimism in Poland and translates into favourable buying sentiment in direct proportion.