The SILVER Festival is an International Jewellery Exhibition which has been held each year since 1979, which makes it one of the oldest and most colourful in Europe.

The Festival, initially limited to Poland, has now spread far beyond Europe: its participants are artists from practically every corner of the world. This is what makes the Silver Competition special and unique! With many diverse points of view on jewellery, determined not only by geography, but most of all by attitudes, the competition has become an intriguing review of artistic concepts inspired by a new subject every year: Boundaries, Classic, Revolt, Ritual, Sexy, Minimum. The conceptual entries, where the idea is paramount, are an artistic expression, often also a polemic between the artist and their public.

As a result of our close partnership with the Gallery of Art in Legnica, the Competition’s organiser, we can showcase this unique exhibition at the Gold Silver Time International Jewellery and Watch Fair right after its premiere at the Legnica SILVER Festival in May. For several years now the GST visitors have a unique opportunity to acquaint themselves with conceptual art: a vision of jewellery which is so distant from the wares presented at the exhibition stands and to “engage in discussion” with the artists.