Every year, there is a lot of excitement about the selection of the Gold Silver Time Best Product. The award not only puts a premium on innovative design, but also considers overall achievements and contribution to the overall development of the Polish jewellery industry.

The winners so far include such leading jewellery companies as YES Jewellery and Studio Y of Poznań, S&A Amber Jewellery of Gdynia, Ambermoda of Sopot, the Górecki Jewellery Company of Dębica and Futurat of Poznań, the Kłosok Jewellery Company and S&A Amber Jewellery, again the Górecki Jewellery Company of Dębica, Corundum of Wrocław, Lewanowicz of Warsaw and Motyle Studio of Sopot.

In 2013, for the first time in its history, three Minister of Economy’s GST Best Product Awards were presented: one statuette and three financial prizes. The winners: Amber-Ring Stanisław Całka of Otwock, Paragon Dariusz Grzenkowski of Gdańsk and Ostrowski Design Jacek Ostrowski of Gdańsk.

In 2014, history repeated itself: the statuette and prize money went to Glitter & Eva Stone, while Jantar Studio and Gielo received prize money only.

The Award is presented on behalf of Poland’s Minister of Economy.