The Gold Expo dates changed to 3 months before or 3 months after Gold Silver Time and an apology to the MCT International Trade Fair Centre are the most important rulings of the Arbitration Commission of the Polish Chamber of the Exhibition Industry that examined MCT’s complaint against Expo XXI.

The Arbitration Commission also found it unacceptable to hold events of the same nature at the same date and ruled that taking advantage of someone else’s intellectual property achievements is highly unethical. The Commission also found the actions of Żaneta Berus, the EXPO XXI President of the Board, to be unethical, recognising that she should have consulted MCT (or first consult the Chamber’s Council or ask for its help in settling the dispute) in the matter of renting Expo XXI out to the organiser of a jewellery trade show at the same time as Gold Silver Time.

The Polish Chamber of the Exhibition Industry Arbitration Commission was examining MCT’s complaint from July 2015. The charges against Expo XXI’s management concerned, first and foremost, organising trade exhibitions with the same theme and at the same time as Gold Silver Time, and the personal involvement of President Żaneta Berus. The Commission members analysed the documents they had been provided and, at separate meetings, reviewed the argumentation of both parties represented directly by MCT President Rafał Galimski, MCT Vice-President Paweł Montewka, Expo XXI President of the Management Board Żaneta Berus, as well as a representative of the Foundation for the Development of the Polish Jewellery Industry, Gold Expo organiser, Michał Kwiatkiewicz.

As a result of its investigation, the Commission instructed Expo XXI to meet the demands of the arbitration, in line with what MCT was requesting from the beginning , i.e. to cease and desist from organising a jewellery fair 3 months before and 3 months after Gold Silver Time and to publish an apology on the Expo XXI website within 7 days of the conclusion of the arbitration, with Expo XXI admitting that the information disclosed in its statement of 26 March 2015 concerning the course of its dealings with MCT was false and damaging to MCT’s reputation.