This is the theme of the 25th SILVER International Jewellery Art Competition. As always, the best interpretations will be showcased at Gold Silver Time at a special exhibition organised by the Gallery of Art in Legnica.

What are the cities of today? What is their phenomenon about? How do artists perceive them? The answers to these and many other questions can be found at the MIASTO / CITY exhibition that will be the result of the SILVER International Jewellery Art Competition. The pieces at the exhibition will be surprising with the diversity of unexpected interpretations of the competition theme filtered through the artists’ experience and emotions.

They include pieces made of objects found during bicycle trips in Stockholm, found pictures of unknown people decorating a necklace like gemstones and beads made of red brick. The materials used also include silver, gold and precious stones, porcelain, silk, glass, rubber and epoxy resin which, although they possess their individual meanings, only gain a broader context in combination with the artistic concept, revealing the possibility of many interpretations for the viewer.  The artists have referred to associations with the mythical Tower of Babel and the Phoenix rising from the ashes, but also with mould which, just like human civilisation, can quickly build but also destroy. The artists have touched upon the motif of transience, often referring to their own roots and appealing to respect the past: they draw our attention to the crumbling townhouses of Łódź, but also to learn from the history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

272 artists from 33 countries have sent 481 entries to this year’s SILVER competition. The international panel qualified 50 of them to be showcased at the exhibition. They will surely evoke many more possible interpretations, associations, and reflections.