About Us

15 years have come and gone – Personally, we could certainly find at least a few reasons to be satisfied, but we value your opinions about GST and our work a lot more.

The 15 years of Gold Silver Time is also a 15-year chapter in the 25-year history of the STFZ Goldsmithing Artists’ Association. A chapter which is an ongoing record of close collaboration, multiple exhibitions, annual meetings and most of all the PRESENTATIONS Art Jewellery Competition we have jointly organised since 2001. On behalf of the members of the STFZ, I would like to express my gratitude for this period that has proven so fruitful to all of us, for the effort you have put into promoting contemporary Polish jewellery art and for the friendship you have shown us.

Marcin Tymiński

President, STFZ Goldsmithing Artists Association

Gold Silver Time is an important factor in the development of Polish post-WWII jewellery art and craft. Although the event has been named GST for a relatively short time, having its origins in an earlier Warsaw trade fair, it helped us greatly to establish both internal and external professional contacts. Its contemporary format – an abundant programme of extra events, support of the designer community, professional organisation and the organisers’ friendly attitude – results in statistics which grow year by year and in an ever improving European standing.

Andrzej Bielak

jewellery designer and manufacturer

In the jewellery business, Gold Silver Time is a fabulous event with its own unique character: superbly organised, friendly to its participants, customers and visitors, well positioned in terms of both time and place (its central location is an indisputable asset), with a stimulating and extensive agenda of side events. GST is a place where the symbiosis between art and business takes on a very special meaning and form. The friendly atmosphere which the organisers make you feel at every turn gives sales and commercial success an extra dimension. It is no wonder then that the show’s prestige is growing year by year, while participation in GST is becoming a commodity that is very much in demand among manufacturers, artists and visitors alike.

Zbigniew Kraska

director, Gallery of Art in Legnica

From the point of view of the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź, Gold Silver Time is an extremely important place to compare and contrast, study and network. For students, who have the opportunity to present their work at this forum, GST is often the first step in their publicly artistic and commercial lives. The show is a magical place full of inspiring and educating social and professional meetings. The diversity of the agenda and the high artistic quality of the pieces presented here are highly satisfying to almost everyone here to bring the thrills one might expect and more.

prof. Andrzej Szadkowski

rektor Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w Łodzi

We are very satisfied with this year’s GST: our stand was visited by many new buyers and our financial result was better than last year’s; the Exhibitors’ Evening was especially successful in both social and culinary terms. I’m happy that the show keeps growing with us, the exhibitors. Some of us are represented by already a second generation as there are more and more young faces on the stands – And we always meet at Gold Silver Time – as we have for 15 years now…

Piotr Błoński


Even though we joined the community of Gold Silver Time exhibitors only in 2010, we value our partnership very highly. To date, we have provided free assessment and valuation of jewellery products and advice from our experts; this year, in partnership with GST we have organised an open gemmology seminar dedicated to identifying synthetic diamonds with standard gemmological methods. The show’s popularity exceeded our expectations and – we hope – it will blaze a new important direction for the partnership between SRJ and Gold Silver Time.

Tomasz Kłoczewiak

SRJ Association of Jewellery experts

The Górecki Jewellery Company has participated in Gold Silver Time for 15 years running, i.e. from the very beginning. The show is more than just a chance to meet our customers, but also a place where we present our latest special collections dedicated to selected gemstones: so far, we showcased rubies, coral, olivine, citrine, topaz, while this year’s show is dedicated to sapphire. Even though we come to Warsaw for business, we are fond of socialising and mixing at GST; I’m referring mainly to the Exhibitors’ Evening, which helps to establish new contacts and reinforce existing ones. As GST exhibitors of many years, we also appreciate the organisers’ effort to promote contemporary jewellery art, and the commitment of the show and its exhibitors to charity. All this makes Gold Silver Time much more than just a trade fair.

Zbigniew Górecki

Górecki Jewellery Company

Gold Silver Time in Warsaw is currently the only trade event in which I have taken part since the first edition. I value very highly its organisation and the choice of accompanying events – it is in Warsaw that I found out the most about amber!

Ewa Rudowska

unique jewellery designer

Gold Silver Time is a place where my company showcases its latest, a place for us to do business but also to socialise. The Małgorzata Wąsowska Jewellery Company has been exhibiting here for 15 years now. The show helps me build my company’s image and its brand in the jewellery market, it also gives me the opportunity to present what I do, in fact the many facets of my work. I owe GST one the most important turning points in my career: in 2004, I took part in a showcase of Polish jewellery companies organised by the MCT International Fair Centre and the PSP Visual Arts Studio at inhorgenta Munich. It was there that I saw myself and my company in a completely new light and the amber I had introduced to my range shortly before turned out to be a bull’s eye. I am very grateful to all of my customers who have given me the opportunity to develop in this market sector.

Małgorzata Wąsowska

Jewellery Company

I have been involved with Gold Silver Time since its inception. In 2000, I sat on the jury of the Golden Girl competition and photographed Magda Kowal, its first winner. I value fine jewellery highly, so I am always happy to visit the Fair – over those 10 years quite a strong emotional bond has developed. For two years, I have also been close to GST in a more professional way: it was at Gold Silver Time 2007 that I received an official nomination as an honorary Amber Ambassador from the Mayor of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz. All this makes GST a remarkable place for me.

Lidia Popiel

honorary Amber Ambassador

Museums at the Fair is a ground-breaking event which has accompanied Gold Silver Time since 2001. Despite the “age-long” tradition of exhibiting their collections only in dedicated facilities, museums took a daring, but not easy decision to present even the most precious exhibits at short three-day commercial events. It is a small-scale but remarkably ample project for spreading knowledge; in the case of the Museum of the Earth at the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), the project concerns amber, which, as a very typically Polish gemstone of special decorative value, has an ever increasing presence at trade shows.

prof. Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz

The jewellery and watch fair in Warsaw is a fabulous event. I’ve been there several times, it’s fun and I anticipate the show days. It is fun to see and it’s beautifully displayed, just like in a museum. It’s fascinating to get to know the people, the artists; what their hands are like, what they look like. I can often see the contrast between the appearance and the jewellery. Live contact with the artists satisfied the buyers’ curiosity. Everyone can find something for themselves. The beautiful designs remain in my eyes for a long time. What intrigues me about jewellery are the tensions, not only the visual side of the ornament. I also like old clocks and watches very much; I’ve got a number of them myself and even though they are a bit kitschy, I wouldn’t part with them.

Franciszek Maśluszczak