December is usually a time for looking back. How was our 2015? Difficult and full of challenges that forced us to look for new solutions. The result of our efforts was the 16th Edition of Gold Silver Time.

Last year’s Gold Silver Time Jewellery and Watch Fair took place at a new venue: the MT Polska Exhibition and Congress Centre in Warsaw in ul. Marsa 56C. We are pleased that, in spite of our initial concerns, most of our exhibitors and visitors have embraced the new exhibition hall, which bodes well for the future.

It was not just the venue that made last year’s GST different than before. The appearance of a rival jewellery industry event, which also took place in Warsaw at a date that had customarily been reserved for Gold Silver Time, which led to a rift in the jewellery and watch business, a drop in the number of exhibitors (172 companies) and a disruption of GST’s traditional division into sectors that reflect the jewellery and watch market. Gold Silver Time had a strong contingent of jewellery designers and visual artists (over 60) and amber product makers (over 30); there were also companies that offered gold and silver jewellery, tools and machines.

It is up to every company to make its own recap, especially in this situation that is new for all of us. We are happy for those for whom GST was a success and promise everyone that we will make our best efforts to make next year’s edition much better. We would like to thank all of you for being with us and wish an especially successful 2016, in every way.