Gold Silver Time 2016

—a look back

165 exhibitors, ca. 2700 trade and non-trade visitors—these statistics wrap up the 17th edition of GOLD SILVER TIME, 29 September–1 October 2016, at the MT Polska Centre, Warsaw. The exhibitors were mainly makers of contemporary Polish jewellery (60) and amber companies (52, a record-breaking number), but there were also companies presenting silver and gold jewellery, fashion jewellery, jeweller tools and machines, along with display systems.

As always, GOLD SILVER TIME was accompanied by an extensive framework programme. The most important item on the agenda was the Jewellery Exhibition Forum—a place with as many as 16 exhibitions of contemporary Polish jewellery art, including PRESENTATIONS organised in partnership with the STFZ Goldsmithing Artists’ Association and the CITY International Jewellery Art Competition, unique on a global scale.

In spite of the efforts of the organiser, this year’s edition of GST was affected by factors including the fragmentation of the industry, the emergence of a competitive event on the same dates in Warsaw, along with a decreasing demand for Baltic amber products and low interest in original jewellery. Such a demanding market brought success to all those who prepared a new portfolio which appealed to customer preferences.




Gold Silver Time 2016 in photographs

Looking back at the 17th edition of GST, we thank all the participants for choosing Gold Silver Time this year as well. Thank you to all—the exhibitors and visitors—who participated in Gold Silver Time, 29 September-1 October: especially to the amber manufacturers who...

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Jewellery Exhibition Forum

The Gold Silver Time 2016 exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to see eight exhibitions of contemporary Polish jewellery art—all for the first time at the Jewellery Exhibition forum, a single exhibition platform. The 10 000 m2 at the MT Polska Exhibition...

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This is the theme of the 25th SILVER International Jewellery Art Competition. As always, the best interpretations will be showcased at Gold Silver Time at a special exhibition organised by the Gallery of Art in Legnica. What are the cities of today? What is their...

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